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This ultimate Game Of Thrones Quiz has easy, hard, and impossible questions about the episodes, characters, and houses of GOT. Challenge your knowledge.

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Over the last decade, fewer shows have achieved what Game of Thrones (GOT) has. It is a tale of love, hate, war, peace, triumph, treason, and betrayal. It challenges the viewer in many aspects with its amazing, emotional, and ecstatic story. In this series, we have the great Houses of Westeros fight for the final goal, the Iron Throne. We have the ultimate Game of Thrones quiz for you, devoted fans, to assess your love and devotion for the show.

Game Of Thrones Quiz

First, GOT consists of different elements that help the story grow into something so big and vast that it took eight seasons to wrap it up. True fans of the show should be able to answer this character quiz of GOT by connecting with the characters of the show and knowing them very well. This quiz examines your knowledge of the characters’ respective journeys in the story. Other websites present the Game of Thrones quiz, but they are not challenging enough for the real fans of the show, and that’s why we designed this impossible game of thrones quiz, well, not entirely impossible for the real fans.

House Quiz

The Game of Thrones quiz we have prepared for you consists of different questions that challenge you on many levels. Your Knowledge of different Houses that form the storyline is an essential part of this Game of Thrones House quiz. House Targaryen and House Stark are the two most important dynasties in the story. The story starts with the House Targaryen overthrown and Robert Baratheon from the House Baratheon on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing.

House Targaryen is one of the most powerful houses on the show. After the fall of the Mad King and House Targaryen, his children, Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen, escaped to the other side of the Narrow Sea. The conflict starts with Jaime Lannister throwing Bran Stark out of a tower after Bran saw Jamie and Cersei’s incest. And if this wasn’t enough, after an accident, Robert Baratheon becomes ill and appoints Ned Stark as the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms until his son comes of age. This act stirs everything up, and this is where everything starts.

HBO Quiz

HBO has given us a beautiful masterpiece, and this Game of Thrones quiz will surely evaluate how much you have been paying attention to the show. After completing this HBO quiz, you will understand how much you have been following the story and the different characters of the story. Side characters are what determine your attention to essential small details. Having a good knowledge of various seasons of the show is also very important.

You should be able to follow the story of each season, and that’s why this game of thrones quiz is suited for the fans who are very careful when they are watching the show. Facts and numbers are also important aspects of the quiz, and to answer them, you need to master those numbers and facts by carefully watching the series.

This Game of Throne quiz helps you form a deeper connection with the show and even brings out the excitement to go back and watch the series another time, and this time, carefully. This quiz is a reminder that this TV series is worth watching repeatedly and brings back memories you might have had with the series. Many people have watched it during it was streamed on TV, and that is why most people forget the story and some details over time. So you should take this test to remind yourself to go back and watch the show again and have a good time.

In conclusion, this Game of Thrones quiz is the right stuff for you, real fans of the show, to test your knowledge of the story and love for the show. It assesses the different aspects of the show that hardcore fans have covered. We have used everything from the show in this test to make it as challenging and fun as possible. So, Join the quiz and challenge yourself and your friends, and we hope you enjoy this Game of Thrones quiz.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    How many daughters did Oberyn Martell have?

    • 5

    • 8

    • 3

    • 6

  • Question 2

    What was the name of Tommen’s cat which appeared in season 4?

    • Pounce

    • Gregor

    • Ser Lancelot

    • Ser Pounce

  • Question 3

    Why did Hizdahr zo Loraq first came to meet Daenerys?

    • It was about the dragons.

    • It was about letting other masters to go

    • It was about the prisoners

    • It was about burying his father

  • Question 4

    Which dragon killed this man’s girl?

    • Viserion

    • Vhagar

    • Drogon

    • Rhaegal

  • Question 5

    Who did Bronn plan to marry?

    • Lollys Stokeworth

    • Lilly Lavander

    • Gilly

    • Ellaria Sand

  • Question 6

    Where did Varys and Tyrion espace to in Season 4?

    • Yunkai

    • Pentos

    • Sunspear

    • Volantis

  • Question 7

    According to the witch, How many children was the king going to have?

    • 21

    • 22

    • 20

    • 30

  • Question 8

    Who taught Shireen how to read when she was 3 years old?

    • Maester Cressen

    • Maester Vallerie

    • Her father

    • Her mother

  • Question 9

    What gift did Stannis receive for the birth of her daughter when they were in Dragonstone?

    • Cloth

    • Sword

    • Ship

    • A wooden doll

  • Question 10

    According to Little Finger, Rhaegar Targaryen defeated a warrior at the great tourney held at Harrenhal. Who was that?

    • Lord Whent

    • Barristan Selmy

    • Robert Baratheon

    • Meryn Trant

  • Question 11

    What was the name of Roose Bolton’s second wife?

    • Bethany Ryswell

    • Catelyn Stark

    • Domeric Bolton

    • Walda Frey

  • Question 12

    According to Stannis, What was the only battle Robert Baratheon lost?

    • Assault on Dragonstone

    • Battle of Ashford

    • Battle at Acorn Hall

    • Battle at the Red Fork

  • Question 13

    Missandai was from an island called Naath. What was the common name of that island?

    • Isle of Summer

    • Basilisk Isles

    • Isle of Butterflies

    • Jhala

  • Question 14

    …And a hard one! What was the name of Ramsay’s ex-wife who was the blacksmith’s daughter?

    • Tammy

    • Violet

    • Sansa

    • Kyra

  • Question 15

    What was the name of the « Sister » in service of the High Sparrow?

    • Septa Mallara

    • Septa Unella

    • Sister Marry

    • Sister Umalla

  • Question 16

    Where do Khaleesis go after their Khals dies?

    • The Temple of the Dothrak

    • The city of Vaes Khewo

    • The Temple of the Dosh Khaleen

    • Morosh

  • Question 17

    What was this character’s name? (Hint: She helped the Sons of the Harpy murder the Unsullied and the Second Sons.)

    • Valarie

    • Vala

    • Marla

    • Lara

  • Question 18

    What is the name of the council of Khals that occur in the city of Vaes Dothrak?

    • Khalar Vezhven

    • Khalar Vaes

    • Khalar Dosh

    • Khalar Dothrak

  • Question 19

    In this scene, Little finger wants to meet Sansa in a designated place. Where is that?

    • Castle Black

    • Mole’s Town

    • Bear Island

    • Winterfell

  • Question 20

    According to Jaqen H’ghar, Who built the Free City of Braavos?

    • The merchants from Volantis

    • The merchants from Pentos

    • The Faceless Men

    • The masters of Valyria

  • Question 21

    …And a rather easy one, What is Lady Mormont’s name? (Hint: She was named after Sansa’s aunt)

    • Lysa

    • Catelyn

    • Arya

    • Lyanna

  • Question 22

    Grey Worm killed two of the masters in this scene. Who didn’t he kill?

    • Razdal mo Eraz (The right one)

    • Yezzan zu Qaggaz (The middle one)

    • Belicho Paenymion (The left one)

    • No one

  • Question 23

    How many judges where present at the trial of Loras Tyrell and Cersei Lannister?

    • 5

    • 4

    • 7

    • 8

  • Question 24

    Jon Snow appointed these two as the new head of their Houses. Which two Houses were they from?

    • House Karstark and House Umber

    • House Hornwood and House Umber

    • House Cerwyn and House Bolton

    • House Karstark and House Manderly

  • Question 25

    Where did Melisandre go after she met Daenerys in Dragonstone?

    • Volantis

    • Pentos

    • Asshai

    • Tolos

  • Question 26

    Which of the three Sand Snakes was captured by Euron Greyjoy?

    • Obara Sand

    • Nymeria Sand

    • Tyene Sand

    • Elia Sand

  • Question 27

    What was the name of the Maester present at Winterfell in Season 7?

    • Maester Wolkan

    • Maester Luwin

    • Maester Wolgar

    • Maester Randal

  • Question 28

    In Season 8, Some of the Dothraki fighters try to find food for the dragons. Hown many goats do they find?

    • 18

    • 20

    • 11

    • 35

  • Question 29

    According to Jamie, How many troops of The Golden Company was brought to Westeros by Euron Greyjoy?

    • 30,000

    • 25,000

    • 15,000

    • 20,000

  • Question 30

    Tormund claimed a giant fed him when he was only 10. For how long did the giant feed him?

    • 2 months

    • 3 days

    • 3 months

    • 4 days

  • Question 31

    Euron Greyjoy abducted one of Daenerys’s important intellectuals. Who was that person?

    • Yara

    • Missandei

    • Grey Worm

    • Tyrion

  • Question 32

    This character was killed in Harrenhal by Lannisters. What’s his name?

    • Ser Jeremy Karstark

    • Ser Gerald Umber

    • Ser Jeremy Mallister

    • Ser Gerald Mallister

  • Question 33

    Where did Daenerys go after she escaped from Qarth?

    • Yunkai

    • Volantis

    • Mereen

    • Astapor

  • Question 34

    According to Olenna Tyrell, How did Luther Tyrell die?

    • Rode off a cliff

    • Died in a battle

    • Fell off a horse

    • He was poisoned

  • Question 35

    How many swords did Aegon use to make the Iron Throne?

    • 10000

    • 1000

    • 2000

    • 100

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