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This Patronus Quiz reveals the magical creature in Pottermore and Harry Potter world. Answer 20 personality questions to unleash your powerful spirit animal.

Online Patronus Quizzes Explained

J.K. Rowling invented the test on Wizarding World’s website. She claimed that the team had been working on it several years ago. However, it got published around 2016. The questionary’s goal is to predict your Patronus—a guardian that is summoned using the “Expecto Patronus” spell.

However, the original test (aka Pottermore Patronus Quiz) is not the only questionary on the internet. Several websites used Rowling’s idea to create similar quizzes as well. But the primary purpose of all of them is the same, determining your magical animal.

Why Do I Need to Know What Is my Patronus?

We are talking about one of the most powerful spells in the HP universe. And any witch or wizard knows that it is one of the hardest charms to perform, too. It is the same charm Harry and his friends used to fight Voldemort. You cannot choose your spirit animal. Knowing your Patronus is like knowing your House—it is vital for real fans.

It reveals who you are.

The personality of the witch or wizard defines its magical creature. Take Harry, for instance. His Patronus is a Stag—a caring and powerful leader. So, the thing is that taking the Harry Potter Patronus Quiz is some kind of character test for the Potterheads. It shows who you are deep down in your heart.

You might not have one!

Only a handful of witches and wizards can perform this charm. So, unsurprisingly, many of you taking the test will find out that you do NOT have a magical creature within you. That is sad to know, but it is real.

Why You Should Take the Pottermore Patronus Quiz, too (And Why You Should Not)

First of all, J.K. Rowling’s original test on Wizarding World’s website is animated. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that no Potterhead should miss. And, I mean, the queen herself made it.

One of the things you’d love about the original test is the animated animals. You will be able to summon your creature using your mouse or by touching the screen. No other online test offers you an experience like that.

However, there are a couple of downsides to it, too. For instance, you can never retake it! So, once you finish the questionary, there is no way back. That is while the Harry Potter books claim that your magical creature is prone to change in time. So, it does not make any sense that you cannot retake the Pottermore Patronus Quiz. (How the heck would you know if yours has changed then?)

Moreover, the test is a members-only one. That means you cannot take it unless you are signed in to your Wizarding World account. While it is quite simple to register on their website, it is still a pain in the neck. No one likes members-only stuff—except for, erm, members.

Here Is a List of Things That [Might Determine] Your Magical Animal

As professor Catullus Spangle clarifies, “no reliable system for predicting the form an individual’s Patronus has ever been found.” So, the question is, what determines your spirit creature in the HP universe? Is it completely random? We do not think so.

Rowling’s comments on the topic show a hidden bond between your characteristics and your animal. Below you find the four primary factors that [might] influence your magical creature.

Your Memories (obviously)

Think about it; you need to focus on your happiest memory to summon your creature. So, the more joyful your memory is, the stronger your Patronus will be. Of course, it not about the magnificence of the memory itself. It is about how you feel about that particular moment in your life. So, for you, it might be an ordinary recall with a deep sense of joy—or the opposite.

Your Heart’s Purity

“Only the pure of heart can perform this charm.” So, it is important how innocent you and your memories are. Witches and wizards who have cruel intentions can never summon their magical animal. They might kill themselves while trying. Legends say that a dark wizard called Roczdian once tried to perform this charm. However, his spell created maggots that eventually killed him.

One way to find out how innocent you are is to take the Rice Purity Test. It is not Harry Potter-related. But it identifies how guiltless you are.

Your Love

A case study on the relation of love and Patronus revealed that they are interconnected. The person you love and the significance of your feelings affect your magical creature. One of the best examples is Tonk’s Patronus. He called a wolf while trying to help Harry. That is while his previous (and original) animal was a jackrabbit. And guess what? His new creature matches Remus Lupin’s animal.

The Patronus Quiz acknowledges the importance of your love life. So, you have to answer a couple of related questions to get the most accurate results.

Your Personality

Everything in the HP universe has something to do with who you are. So, unsurprisingly, your personality influences the type of your Patronus, too. The courage you have, the love you give, and your beliefs grow matter when performing the charm. The better of a human you are, the greater your spirit creature is.

Does Your Hogwarts House Have Anything to Do with Your Patronus?

Yes, your Hogwarts or Ilvermorny House might affect your magical spirit creature. That is because both schools categorize students regarding their personalities. Hogwarts uses the sorting hat, and Ilvermorny allows the four mysterious statues to decide.

Note: It is a good idea to take the Harry Potter House Quiz in advance. But you do not have to know your House to take the test on this page.

The Relation Between Your Wand and Your Patronus

“You do not select your wand; it selects you.” That is an exciting fact about the HP world. But interestingly enough, it is also true about your animal spirit. There is no way to predict your Patronus. So, you do not choose it. Your magical creature is the one that selects you.

By the way, you can take the Harry Potter Wand Quiz after finishing this one. It will tell you what kind of a wand you would have in Hogwarts universe.

How Does the Patronus Test Work?

It is always a guess. Even the original Pottermore quiz is not 100% accurate. That is because there is no particular system to predict your Patronus. However, we know that four factors influence it, personality, love, memories, and purity. So, the test works by assessing these elements.

All the twenty questions on this page dig deep into your characteristics, traits, beliefs, and thoughts. That is how the test returns the most accurate result—or prediction, if you will.

Did any Celebrities Take the Patronus Quiz?

J.K. Rowling is probably the most famous person to take the Harry Potter Patronus Quiz. (She took the original one, though). In a 2016 tweet, the award-winning author claimed that her animal had been changed. “I took the [Pottermore] test (which I wrote) ages ago when it was a work in progress and got a pine marten Patronus,” she said. “My fondness for weaselly creatures is well documented. However, when we finalized the test last week, I retook it and found that it had changed (which, as we know, can happen). My new Patronus has personal associations, and I like it even better.”

You Are All Set Up; Start the Quiz NOW!

The QuizExpo Patronus Test is a unique questionary. The questions put you in imaginary situations where you have to face a challenging, emotional, or rational decision. Take it now to find out whether or not you have a magical creature. (And if you do, what type of an animal is it?).

Credit: All the images used in this test are owned by NBCUniversal.

Questions of the quiz

  • Question 1

    Choose a skill that you think would help you become a better witch or wizard.

    • Flying

    • Running

    • Sneaking

    • Jumping

    • Fighting

    • Killing

  • Question 2

    Your friend is not able to summon their Patronus. What do you do to help them?

    • I teach them everything I know

    • I suggest them reading spellbooks

    • I analyze their performance before giving any advice

    • I make some jokes to laugh it off

    • I make fun of them

    • I don’t do anything special

  • Question 3

    I would love to befriend a _______________.

    • Magical creature

    • Powerful dark wizard

    • Beautiful witch

    • Friendly ghost

    • Knowledgeable master

    • Talking animal

  • Question 4

    What do you think about Voldemort?

    • He is a cruel wizard

    • He is a role model

    • He is a miserable dark wizard

    • He should be dead forever

    • He is scary

    • He is overrated

  • Question 5

    What should be the priority of a young witch or wizard?

    • Protecting others

    • Taking things less seriously

    • Helping others in need

    • Finding your true self

    • Learning new stuff every day

    • Gaining more power

  • Question 6

    Select a word that you relate to.

    • Kindness

    • Love

    • Joy

    • Sadness

    • Wisdom

    • Darkness

  • Question 7

    What is the thing you don’t like about Hogwarts?

    • Its coldness (everyone is too serious about everything)

    • Its lack of discipline

    • Its confusing nature

    • Its fake happiness

    • Its harshness

    • I hate everything about Hogwarts

  • Question 8

    Have you ever wanted to use the Dark Arts?

    • Yes

    • No

    • Maybe

    • Never

    • I’m scared of the Dark Arts

    • I know I can’t do that

  • Question 9

    What is your favorite Hogwarts teacher like?

    • A kind and giving one

    • A funny and entertaining one

    • A reliable and trustworthy one

    • A knowledgeable and well-informed one

    • A lovely and cute one

    • A powerful and scary one

  • Question 10

    You have learned how to perform a new spell. Would you teach it to other students as well?

    • Sure!

    • It depends

    • I don’t like teaching

    • I’m not a good teacher

    • If they are enthusiast enough to learn it, yeah

    • I hate teaching

  • Question 11

    You had a nightmare. A predator was chasing an animal. What was it like? (use your imagination).

    • A wolf hunting a deer

    • An eagle hunting a bird

    • A lion hunting a horse

    • A crocodile hunting a rat

    • A dog chasing a cat

    • A dragon eating an elephant

  • Question 12

    What is your biggest fear? (If you had to choose between these options).

    • Loneliness

    • Division

    • Oblivion

    • Death

    • Hopelessness

    • NOTHING!

  • Question 13

    Which of the following spells sounds interesting to you?

    • A spell to make anyone fall in love with you

    • A spell to make anything look ridiculous

    • A spell to read any book in one minute

    • A spell to bring back dead ones

    • A spell to make your fears go away

    • A spell to make all other witches and wizards weaker than you

  • Question 14

    “A witch or wizard should sacrifice everything to make the world a better place to live.” Do you agree?

    • Strongly agree

    • Slightly agree

    • Agree

    • Disagree

    • Slightly disagree

    • Strongly disagree

  • Question 15

    Which of the following sentence describe the person you love?

    • They are just like me

    • They are admirable

    • They are cute

    • They are funny

    • They are gone

    • I don’t love anyone

  • Question 16

    Close your eyes for a couple of seconds and think about your happiest memory. Now score it. (10 means you felt great and 0 means you felt awful).

    • 10

    • 8

    • 6

    • 4

    • 2

    • 0

  • Question 17

    What is your ultimate goal as a witch or wizard?

    • To make the world a better place

    • To be a useful person

    • To live a happy life

    • To learn and to teach

    • To care for my loved ones

    • To become invincible

  • Question 18

    Your teacher taught you a new spell. But you cannot perform it. Whose fault is it?

    • My teacher

    • Definitely me

    • Probably me

    • I don’t know

    • It depends

    • Who cares?

  • Question 19

    What is the worst enemy of a witch or wizard?

    • Pride and selfishness

    • Lack of curiosity

    • Stupidity and carelessness

    • Hatred

    • Confusion and being lost

    • Other witches and wizards

  • Question 20

    Finally, select one of the following wands.

    • A wand with a phoenix feather core

    • A wand with a unicorn hair core

    • A wand with a dragon-heartstring core

    • A long wand

    • A mysterious wand

    • A short but powerful wand

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